New Year, Better You. 

We all know the classic tagline “New Year, New You!” – stated emphatically and with such conviction that not only will this upcoming year be exponentially better than the last, but that an individual him or herself is going to turn over a new leaf and be a completely different person. If you’ve made this statement and it’s come from a positive place, then that’s great! However, all too often it seems to be prompted by feelings of unworthiness, whether that’s a result of comparison or a general sense that you need to change, for any number of reasons.  

Having goals centered around self-improvement is not only awesome but can be hugely beneficial – especially when you’re doing it for you! Below are some ideas that you might want to try implementing to add fulfillment to your life. You’ll also see some tips and reminders for stepping up your health & fitness routine that will get you feeling great and might even help you reach your goals faster! Don’t forget – whatever you do, however you choose to better yourself this year, make sure you’re doing these things for the right reasons, and that you’re excited for the journey!  

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– Add some outside movement 3x week – take a walk by yourself, or with a podcast, or with the 

dogs, go for a hike or a bike ride, walk to get coffee or lunch on a break from work 

– Add a day of active recovery/flexibility/stretching, yoga 

– Create a routine and stick to it! Set goals & reward yourself when you reach them with a 

new book, a new workout outfit, dinner with friends, a cool piece of home décor you’ve been eyeing 

– Write out a hydration schedule if you struggle to keep up with your water intake – there are  

templates you can print out online, or you can simply add some little boxes somewhere on  

your daily planner (ex: if your goal is 10 cups a day, add 10 boxes and check one off each  

time you finish 1 cup; another way to do it would be if your goal is 64oz for the day, add 8 

boxes (1 per 8oz)  

– Evaluate your protein intake – it’s possible you’re not getting enough  

– Check out your sugar intake – you might be getting too much  


Start your day off strong:  

– 8-16oz of water as soon as you wake up – lemon does nothing other than add flavor and a 

teeny bit of vitamin c – it doesn’t detox or increase metabolism like the “influencers” have 

been saying 😉  

– Enjoy a protein rich breakfast, complete with some healthy fats and fiber to leave you  

feeling fuller for longer; be cautious of processed sugars and refined carbs first thing in the 

morning as that won’t provide satiety and it will likely cause you to eat more during the day 

– Establish a morning routine and a night/bedtime routine 

 – Some tips to incorporate for morning: stay off your phone and social media for the first 

hour or two after waking up, water, sun exposure, journaling, nutritious breakfast or 

Manduu protein shake, Manduu workout 

– Some tips to incorporate for bedtime: turn off electronics 60 – 90 minutes before bed, 

journaling, read, relaxing shower or bath to unwind, light yoga, calming tea, meditative 

music/white noise 


Try to spend more time in person with friends and family 😊  

– “Tech rest” – whether for a few hours every day, or a weekend, or 1 or 2 days a week, try  

reducing or eliminating unnecessary phone/computer/social media time 

– Commit to reading 1 book/month 

– Find something new that intrigues you and learn the skill  

– Clean-up & declutter – home, work, the car, purses and briefcases 

– Increase positivity towards yourself and others 

– Work on becoming adaptable, especially if you’re an introvert. Embrace change instead of 

shying away from it 


 Happy New Year Team Manduu!

Nicole, MS Exercise Science & Nutrition