From the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: Effects of Electrostimulation on Human Red Blood Cell Deformability (supplying oxygen to muscle tissue)

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Influence of EMS on Human Blood Cell Deformability

From the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation: Efficacy and Safety of Whole-Body EMS

From the International Journal of Sports Medicine: Effects of Electromyostimulation Training on Muscle Strength and Jumping Ability in Basketball Players

From ISS Research/Japan Space Forum: Effects of EMS on Astronauts on the International Space Station

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Effects of EMS on Bone Mineral & Muscle Mass

From the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Sport Medicine, Germany: Effects of a Whole-Body EMS Program on Strength, Sprinting, Jumping and Kicking Capacity in Elite Soccer Players

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Effects of EMS on Elite Soccer Players

From the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: Effects of EMS Training on Muscle Strength and Power of Elite Rugby Players

The present study investigated the influence of a 12-week electromyostimulation (EMS) training program performed by elite rugby players. A 12-week EMS training program demonstrated beneficial effects on muscle strength and power in elite rugby players on particular tests.

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Study: EMS Training & Elite Rugby Players

Electrical Muscle Stimulation: Manduu’s Gym of the Future Is Here

There is a fitness revolution beginning in America that is quite amazing. For the first time, advanced technology has been adapted to provide a direct workout to the human body. When we think of technology and fitness, wearable devices immediately come to mind. These devices, however, are passive and depend upon us to move or run or cycle so that data can be gathered and analyzed. Bottom line: a wearable cannot deliver a workout.

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Chief Operations Officer, Manduu America here:

Manduu White Paper

Assessing the effects of training with EMS

Extensive research has been conducted on electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training.

The following study by E-Fit found that EMS can increase:

  • Spinal mobility
  • Structural balance and symmetry
  • Autonomic balance in the central nervous system
  • Metabolism
  • Insulin sensitivity

You can download the study here:

E-Fit:Training with EMS-The Study