Milk, Eggs and Muscles: Fitness is Perishable

When you hear the word perishable you probably think of dairy products and produce.  But your fitness is just as perishable as the milk in your fridge.  And just as you maintain your milk by keeping it at 40 degrees or lower, your fitness must be maintained, too.
How does one maintain fitness?
It’s time to quit thinking that a 12-week HIIT course is all it takes to “get fit.” Within weeks of finishing the course your muscles will begin to shrink and soon you’ll find yourself right back where you started.  In fact, you might find yourself in worse shape, because you’ll be a little older, and muscle mass naturally declines with age.
That means you must exercise regularly for your entire life, incorporating both strength training and cardio into your regimen.  If you’re sold on Manduu, you may as well sign up for the 60 session package, and 60 sessions after that, and 60 sessions after that.
Maintenance is part of life
If the concept of maintaining your fitness feels foreign, think of the other ways you maintain your body without giving it a second thought.  You brush your teeth.  You shower. You get your teeth cleaned. You might even get regular manicures and pedicures.  And the list goes on:  You mow your yard, clean your gutters, vacuum your floors, change the oil in your car, and get it washed.
What’s different about fitness
Your fitness is no different, except it is.  You have to do it for yourself instead of hiring it out.  And while no one has died because their grass was too high, plenty have died because their blood pressure or blood glucose were too high.
Change the way you think about fitness by deciding that exercising is just something you do.  And be glad that Manduu makes it so easy.