Poplar Avenue Location Opens to Meet Overwhelming Demand, Offer More Opportunities for Revolutionary Electrical Muscle Stimulation Workouts

Memphians will soon have twice the opportunity to recharge their fitness routines through groundbreaking electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology, as Manduu opens its second Memphis location today at 6515 Poplar Ave., Ste. 103, near Kirby Parkway. Manduu will celebrate the new studio with a grand opening event from 10am – noon.

The city’s resounding response to the summer 2019 opening of the Perkins Road location of Manduu, which offers six hours of strength training results from an ultra-low impact, 15-minute EMS workout, indicates enthusiastic demand for this joint venture between Manduu America and local investors, led by John Pettey III.

During short, 15-minute sessions customized to each client’s abilities and priorities, Manduu workouts activate muscle fibers through whole-body electrical muscle stimulation, or EMS. In each FDA-cleared, ultra-low impact workout, clients perform a series of stretching and flexing exercises while low-voltage electrical impulses reach deep inside the muscles, providing efficient, effective strength training while greatly reducing the risk of injury. Suitable for adults of all ages and fitness levels, the gentle workout safely increases strength, stability and joint protection.

“The overwhelming interest and demand for Manduu in Memphis has been incredible,” said Pettey. “We’re thrilled to expand this innovative fitness concept in the Bluff City.”

“Memphians have embraced the experience of Manduu’s revolutionary EMS fitness concept,” said Jason Ritzen, CEO of Manduu America. “They understand the value of this groundbreaking workout that builds muscle, joint strength and flexibility, and delivers hours of results in a quick, ultra-low impact session. Manduu is truly the workout of the future, and it really suits the needs of a busy, forward-thinking city like Memphis.”

The Memphis Manduu studios are the fifth and sixth in the state respectively, joining studios in Nashville, Franklin and Brentwood, Tenn. Manduu’s nationwide presence includes locations in Santa Monica, Calif. and Houston, Texas with forthcoming locations in Austin, Dallas and Chicago in late 2019.

About Manduu

Manduu is a groundbreaking exercise program that uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to deliver an incredibly effective, highly efficient workout in 15 minutes that yields the results of a six-hour traditional gym workout. The first FDA-cleared, whole-body EMS system in the U.S., Manduu’s ultra-low impact workout is gentle on joints, muscles and tendons, and each session is personally tailored for adults of all ages and fitness levels. To learn more and schedule your free first session, visit Manduu.com.

To learn more about franchise opportunities, visit Franchise.Manduu.com.