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When McKenzie Redden’s beloved grandmother passed away in 2018, Redden and her family wanted to do something meaningful to honor her memory. As a nod to their matriarch’s passion for health and wellness, in 2020 they opened a Manduu fitness franchise in Austin, Texas, where Redden runs the studio as boots-on-the-ground director.

“We like to think of this as a legacy project,” said Redden. “My nana got me into nutrition and exercise. She would think this is so cool, and she would be so proud.” Redden joined forces with her dad, Michael Redden, and her aunt, Diana Wright, both successful business owners in their own right, to bring the wonder of Manduu to the masses. Their cousin, Dr. Shane Hume, an orthopedic surgeon, also came aboard, making it a true family enterprise.

Hailed as the future of fitness, Manduu is a state-of-the-art exercise program that uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to send impulses to the brain, causing muscles to contract and prompting a powerful endorphin release. Users wear custom-designed suits equipped with carbon fiber electrodes. Electrical currents sent via these electrodes during interval training penetrate deep into tissues and activate almost 100% of muscle fibers, delivering a wildly efficient response. In a 15-minute Manduu workout, clients can achieve astounding results equivalent to six hours of total body lifting.

Clients love the fact that this groundbreaking fitness technology not only optimizes results with twice-a-week short workouts but paves the way for additional lifestyle improvements. “They’re gaining muscle, burning fat, and so then they make other better choices,” explained Redden, who has a degree in kinesiology and is also a certified exercise physiologist. “Whether that’s eating more protein or drinking more water, or going for a 20-minute walk every day because they have the stamina, they have the energy and the endurance,” she noted. The super-doable program often hooks people after just one session and leads to unbelievable transformations.

Manduu, the United States’ first-ever whole-body EMS system cleared by the FDA, can be tailored to all fitness levels and ages. Because of its ultra-low-impact properties, people with various health ailments can still burn muscle and fat without going to a gym and risking further injury. Redden has witnessed first hand how much Manduu impacts lives, and she believes that it’s one of the most gratifying aspects of running the business. “It was what I was praying for the whole time I was in school. I wanted to affect a mass amount of people.”

Besides making a far-reaching, positive difference, Redden and her family have experienced upsides of their own. “Building this up together has brought us all closer, and it has also been a great way for us to heal from losing Nana,” said Redden. “And it’s something that’s really exciting.” The close-knit clan has so much enthusiasm for Manduu that they have to make a conscious effort to stop talking business during dinners and holidays.

While the family’s passion and commitment have propelled their studio operations forward, Redden credits the Manduu America corporate team with providing unwavering support and comprehensive resources. CEO Jason Ritzen and COO Wiley Robinson regularly communicate with franchisees, and everyone works together to build brand awareness. “It’s fun that I have my biological family in it, but then Manduu is also a family too,” said Redden.

Now’s the perfect time to get in on the ground floor of Manduu. With its low initial investment, high returns and scalable model, Manduu offers a fantastic, fulfilling opportunity in a booming industry. “It’s an absolutely incredible company to work for, and if you can talk your family into getting in on it with you, that just makes it so much more incredible,” noted Redden.

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