Manduu Focus Programs

Manduu for Life Session #3

In addition to our customized Manduu electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) 15-minute workouts, we offer four individually structured Manduu Focus Programs to choose from – Lean, Pump, Endurance and Strength. Each will place more focus on specific goals. The Manduu Focus Programs were created by a group of our seasoned studio managers, so you can rest assured that they were written not only with your best interest at heart but by some of the best trainers in the biz! We piloted these programs for 6 months before releasing them corporate-wide and had great results! Not only are the programs resulting in positive physiological changes, but they have provided a change from the norm, which is always fun!


What can I expect from the Lean Program?

LEAN: Most “balanced” activation of Type I and Type II muscle fibers. Works on targeting as much

of your muscle fiber as possible in order to increase lean muscle. Expect a more long & lean, tones

appearance as well as improved sleep, focus & mood


What can I expect from the Pump Program?

PUMP: Targets more Type II muscle fibers which result in hypertrophy (increase in muscle size),

ideal for those chasing that “bodybuilder” aesthetic. Assists in increases in power and

explosiveness. Expect a more obvious increase in muscle size, improved stability with a fit and

muscular physique; increase in force production

What can I expect from the Endurance Program?

ENDURANCE: Predominately targets Type I muscle fibers. Built for those who love any kind of

long-distance sport/activity (running, cycling, swimming, etc.) and need/want to build

cardiovascular strength so that their body can keep up and perform for an extended period of time.

Expect an improvement in cardiovascular health, and increased performance in endurance activities.


What can I expect from the Strength Program?

STRENGTH: Targets both Type I and Type II muscle fibers with a bit more emphasis on Type II.

Increase in ability to lift the max load, increase in strength, a slight increase in muscle size. Expect

an increase or maintenance of base strength, boost in mood, more easily managed weight with

sustainable fat loss, a more “athletic” look

Manduu Focus Programs Q&A

How long do these programs take? Why 36 sessions?

This is a marathon, not a sprint! Programs are designed to promote max gains and consistency in a

workout regimen. A steady routine promotes long-lasting and sustainable changes.


What’s the difference between these programs and traditional Manduu training?

Besides implementing programs that will allow you to more closely target specific aspects of your

training and focus on specific goals, these programs incorporate constant variation and increase

load overtime. With new parameters in place, the workouts are consistently changing and it

eliminates the need for the client to question whether or not they’re mixing up their training



How many people have tried these programs already? What kind of results did they/you see?

A vast amount of clients at all of our studios have completed at least one of the Manduu Focus Programs

and have moved on to another. Client feedback is positive based on the desired outcome; clients have

seen increases in muscle mass and decreases in fat mass, improvements in the way their clothes fit

as well as improvements in sleep and mood.


Why would I choose to do one of these programs over traditional Manduu workouts?

To increase performance in sport or activity; to increase consistency and accountability; to add

structure to your workouts thus putting a concrete plan in place to work toward your goals



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