Keeping Austin “WIRED”: Manduu Opens City’s First Electrical Muscle Stimulation Fitness Studio

Lakeway Studio Now Open, Offering Hours of Gym Results from Ultra-Low Impact, 15-Minute Workout

AUSTIN, TX — Austin residents can now reap the benefits of hours in the gym from a revolutionary 15-minute workout as the city’s first Manduu fitness studio opens in the Lakeway community. The location, at 2303 Ranch Road 620 South, Ste. 135, will be the second in Texas, with a third to open in Dallas later this month. The Houston store opened in August 2019.

During short, 15-minute sessions tailored to each client’s abilities and priorities, Manduu workouts activate muscle fibers through whole-body electrical muscle stimulation, or EMS. In each FDA-cleared, ultra-low impact workout, clients perform a series of stretching and flexing exercises while low-voltage electrical impulses penetrate deep into the muscles, providing efficient, effective strength training while greatly reducing the risk of injury.

“EMS workouts have so many benefits–increasing muscle, joint stability and flexibility, while decreasing fat,” said McKenzie Redden, Operations Manager of Manduu Austin. “Even though it’s gentle and customizable, it delivers the equivalent of six hours of strength training in just 15 minutes.” Redden, a Certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist, worked as a certified Manduu trainer in Nashville after receiving her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from the University of Central Oklahoma.

“We’re thrilled to bring Manduu to Austin,” said Jason Ritzen, CEO of Manduu America. “As a hub of culture and technology, Austin is at the forefront of innovation. Manduu’s EMS is innovative technology that offers safe, effective workouts suited to all fitness levels and that fit into anyone’s busy schedule. I invite Austinites to experience Manduu’s results for themselves with their free initial session.”

About Manduu
Manduu is a groundbreaking exercise concept that uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to deliver an incredibly effective, highly efficient whole-body workout in 15 minutes that yields the results of a six-hour workout in a traditional gym. The first FDA-cleared, whole-body EMS system in the U.S., Manduu’s ultra-low impact workout is gentle on joints, muscles

and tendons, and each session is personally tailored for adults of all ages and fitness levels. To learn more and schedule your free first session, visit

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