Manduu is an investment in your health and just as with the other assets in your portfolio, you are happiest when you see a return on that investment.  There are a few things you can do to maximize each of your workout sessions.

Come Hydrated

Water conducts electricity, and that’s true both inside and outside your body.  Your trainer is responsible for wetting down your EMS suit, but you are responsible for wetting down your insides.  The ECW/TBW measurement on your InBody scan reflects how hydrated you are.  Aim for a number between .375 and .385 and come well hydrated to each Manduu session, preferably having had at least 8 oz. of water about half an hour before your workout.


Eat More Protein.  A Lot More Protein.

Did you notice a nice spike in muscle mass after your first couple of Manduu sessions, and then a decline going forward?  It’s all about protein.

Protein is the main building block of the body, essential for muscles and organs, among other things. When we’re young most of the protein we eat is available for our muscles.  But as we age – and that means beginning at about the Big Four Zero – our organs require more and more protein. The body will direct protein first to organs, with muscles getting the leftovers.  In fact, by age 50 as much as 80 percent of the protein we eat is going to support organ function.  That nice spike you saw in muscle mass after your first couple of workouts was your body using the protein that was left over after your organs had had their fill. But going forward, you might not have been consuming enough protein to sustain muscle growth.

You can compensate simply by eating more protein. The protein intake that was adequate at age 30 is no longer enough for the 50 year old, especially the 50 yr. old who is looking to build muscle. The diet that would have been considered a high protein diet for the 30 yr. old is a normal protein diet for the older adult.  How much protein is enough?  Aim for between .65 to .70 grams of protein for each pound of body weight.  That’s 85-90 grams per day for a 130 lb. woman, or 120-130 grams per day for a 185 lb. man.  After age 65 that number goes even higher.  You probably need to consider a protein powder supplement to reach that goal, and we offer the best on the market.

The other great thing about protein? Studies show that it both boosts metabolism and reduces appetite, so it’s doubly important to get enough protein if you’re trying to lose weight.

Here at Manduu we’re all about building muscle, so you’re going to hear us talk a lot about protein, especially encouraging you to eat 20-30 grams within half an hour of a workout. It might make all the difference in your results.


Turn Up the Dial

You’ll get the best results with Manduu if your workout is hard. Here’s the tricky part: only you can tell how hard you’re working. Your trainer relies on cues you give, like the look of intensity on your face, to try to determine if you can take more resistance and if it’s time to turn up the dial.  Your trainer will also look for “lock out,” or the sensation of being unable to work your muscle against the electrical pulse. But ultimately, only you can tell how hard you’re working.  If you aren’t sore after your workouts, or if you aren’t seeing the results you want, ask your trainers to push you a little.

If you are working to the point of lock out and still aren’t getting a workout that’s as challenging as it could be, ask your trainer about changing your pulse interval.  New clients being working out with a pulse cycle of four seconds on, four seconds off.  If you’ve been Manduuing for a while, consider going to five or even six seconds on and four seconds off.  You’ll be adding more workout time in the same 15-minute session.  Ultimately, you will be able to go to as many as ten seconds on and four seconds off.

The most important thing you can do to optimize your workouts is to talk with your trainer. If you aren’t getting the results you expect, please raise the issue so we can help you fine tune what you’re doing to maximize your results.