Pumpkin season is in full swing, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I bet you’re on one side of the spectrum or the other – either you’re full-tilt pumpkin and Thanksgiving the minute the temp drops below 80 degrees, or you’re so against it that you stay off social media and out of Starbucks until Thanksgiving is in the rear view mirror. While I personally would rather not rush things, I know many people are ready to go, so I’ve embraced the vibe and found some better-for-you alternatives to the classic PSL and some Fall dishes to help keep you on track with your fitness goals.

I’m not knocking anyone for appreciating all the indulgent holiday treats! This is simply me doing the work for you, finding some ways to enjoy the beloved pumpkin spice flavor and all the other goodies in a way that can line up just a bit better with your health goals.

With pumpkin season comes cooler temperatures (usually), so I want to get you in the right mindset to help you through any funk that this change in the weather might bring on. You might find it challenging to get moving in chilly weather, so I thought it would be helpful to offer some outdoor workout/cardio options. Additionally, I’ve got some benefits of cardio below for you, so that you can think back to this list when you’re in a slump.

Stay happy, stay healthy & remember your WHY!
-Nicole M.S. Exercise and Nutrition Sciences