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A unique fitness boutique has plans to open in downtown Homewood.

Manduu Birmingham will be located at 2825 ½ 18th St. S in the storefront above Swaddle.

“It is a ground-breaking exercise concept that uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to deliver an incredibly effective, highly efficient strength training program for all ages and fitness levels,” said Paul Payne of Manduu Birmingham.

Clients who come in to work out will first change into Manduu workout clothes: a specially-designed shorts and t-shirt set designed to fit under the electrical suit and to conduct electricity. The EMS machine runs off of a battery — nothing is plugged into a wall, and there is not enough electricity in the machine to hurt the client.

Then a trainer leads the client through a series of stretching and flexing movements for a 15-minute low-impact workout.

“The machine will generate a mild electrical pulse that will feel like a buzzing in the nine major muscle groups covered by the electrodes, but it is not painful,” the Manduu website reads. “Working against the pulse should feel hard, like you are moving through molasses or mud.”

The entire process — changing into clothes, a 15-minute workout with a water break, and finally changing back into street clothes — takes about 30-35 minutes.

The workout is a fast, safe and efficient way to build muscle, the website reads.

Manduu Birmingham, 2825 ½ 18th St. S.