Are you getting the most nutrients out of your daily multivitamin? Probably not! Our privately labeled 100% natural, non-gmo, vegetarian Manduu Liquid Multi-Vitamin provides a daily dose of micronutrients, negating taking multiple supplements! This product is an all-natural, plant derived, gluten-free, vegetarian formula, manufactured in the USA! The powerful combination of whole foods, herbs, botanicals, and minerals supports eye & brain health, metabolism, natural cellular energy, immune function & regulation, GI health & function, and cardiovascular and circulatory systems. It creates an alkaline balance within the body and provides a natural detox. The concentration of B3, B12, and K2 can be hard to find in supplements and ours are top of the line! Manduu’s vitamin also contains essential fatty acids and phospholipids which are crucial to cell health and function. Most people don’t know they have a deficiency in Omega3 fatty acids, which is quite common in bodies of all ages, and the Manduu multivitamin gets you your recommended daily dose!

What Sets Us Apart?

We use ORGANIC flavors.  

MANY supplements contain natural flavors, which aren’t natural at all. “Natural”, while derived from plant or animal material, is a term that is used loosely to appeal to consumers. These substances actually contain synthetic ingredients; they can be complex compounds with over 100 chemicals (including but not limited to solvents, emulsifiers, and preservatives). “Natural” flavors derived from genetically modified crops can be labeled as such because “natural” has yet to be defined by the FDA. Organic flavors, on the other hand, are natural flavors produced without synthetic solvents, carriers, preservatives, etc. According to, an “organic flavor” is comprised of at least 95% organically produced ingredients, and the remaining 5% must be on the National List of Allowed Substances.  

What Else Can it Do?

Promotes heart health  

– May reduce the risk of certain cancers 

– May help individuals with cognitive impairment 

– Improves mood; may help lessen symptoms of depression 

– Can reduce joint swelling/pain, morning stiffness

While there are many benefits to Manduu’s all-in-one natural liquid multi-vitamin, consistency is key! Taking it every morning with a large glass of water or in a smoothie is the best way for your body to absorb all the nutrients!


-Nicole Astone, M.S. EXNS – Head of Research & Development