Frequently Asked Questions

What is Manduu?

Manduu is essentially the next revolution in the fitness world, leveraging technology that has been perfected in healthcare in a non-medical application. Since the 1950s or earlier, we’ve basically been doing the same thing to stay fit and strong. Manduu uses electrical muscle stimulation to get the maximum yield out of exercise, through ultra-low-impact flexing and resistance movements.

The data shows that 15 minutes a week can replace hours of traditional training. It’s that effective, and a full body scan before each session tracks results that you then review with your Manduu trainer.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. EMS has been used and studied in Europe for years, but Manduu is the only provider to be certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the agency that ensures consumer products are safe for public use. We have physicians in our ownership group, because they know this technology is safe and effective.

This sounds too good to be true. 15 minutes?

The secret is the efficiency. If you go work on the machines at the gym, not only are you in a sweaty, intimidating, unpleasant environment, but you’re also likely unsure of what you can do safely, and how to do it. Plus, you’re only reaching about 60% of your muscle fibers. Manduu activates 90+ percent, in all nine major muscle groups. Every movement is efficient, and guided by a personal trainer who is also certified by the FDA.

How do I know that it works?

The InBody 770 is an important piece of our process. Before each session, you step on what looks like a scale, but it measures not only your overall weight, but your segmented skeletal muscle mass, total body fat, visceral fat, hydration, metabolic rate, and other key metrics with clinical accuracy. Not only do you get that information in a mobile app immediately, which you can track week to week, but you can also review it with your trainer in detail.

Most importantly, you will begin to see and feel the difference – not just in the mirror, but in your energy levels, in your step, and in your overall health.

I’m too old/can my aging parents participate?

The challenge with getting old is that we stop exercising and lose our muscle structure, which affects our balance and dexterity. That leads to falls, which begins the death process for many people. Manduu can help people live longer and enjoy life longer by helping build those muscles back in a gentle, effective, efficient manner. It’s perfect for seniors… a lot of our clients are over 65!

I have had back (knee, shoulder, etc.) issues for years. Can I still do Manduu?

Yes, electrical muscle stimulation has been used for years in an orthopedic rehab setting. Not only can we adjust movements to accommodate for any chronic joint conditions, but this is super low-impact, unlike really any other form of exercise. Plus, building muscles around joints has been proven to help relieve pain, regain function and range of motion, and generally help avoid further deterioration and surgeries.

I’m not interested in gaining muscle, but I do want to be fit, to look and feel good, and to be able to do everything I want in life. Is Manduu for me?

Absolutely. We can most certainly build muscles for those who want to look “buff,” but most people are looking to burn fat, tone muscles and look and feel great — we all want to just enjoy life, knowing we can do anything we want to do. That’s what Manduu delivers.

How much does it cost?

It might be hard to believe, but Manduu is actually one of the most reasonable options cost-wise as well, when compared to the other options out there. Our sessions start as low as $39 per week. When you think about the cost of maintaining your car, that’s a pretty light investment in maintaining your body.