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DALLAS (KDAF) — Working out is tough and if we don’t do it right, we could get hurt. At Manduu, they’re taking the hard work out of the clients’ hands and still leaving us feeling worked out.

“The machines we utilize cause the muscle to contract,” Manager and Trainer at Manduu Dallas, Moses Jurugo said. “All we ask the client to do is cause the muscle to retract – so if it causes your muscle to flex, you have to extend it. That creates the resistance. That’s how you get your workout.”

Using the machine pictured above, trainers adjust currents and intensity targeting specific muscles.

Within the span of 15 minutes, clients get hours worth of workouts.

“What you get in a gym in six to eight hours, you’ll get it here in 15 minutes,” Jurugo said. “15 minutes that will change your life – it’s effective and efficient.”

During a session, your trainer/maestro uses a machine to target specific muscles and areas.

“We have a vest that has electrodes in different compartments –  we have electrodes in the chest, abdomen, the biceps, triceps and we have some that go on the back as well,” Jurugo said. “For your lower extremity – we have some on your lower back, butt muscles, front of thigh, back of thigh and we also have some for your calves as well.”

Manduu’s workouts are for a wide variety of ages, body types and more – it’s not just for athletes!

According to Manduu, clients get an even better workout in 15 minutes – than at a traditional gym.

“[We’re] hitting 60 to 80% of your muscles that you wouldn’t be able to tap into at a conventional gym,” he said. “With the current, I’m able to gauge which muscle fibers I want to target.”

The good news for average folks like us, Manduu isn’t just for the athletes – it’s actually been FDA approved for use on just about all ages.

“People in the geriatric community all the way to professional athletes,” Jurugo said. “In between, we have working-class individuals and folks who are busy who don’t have much time during the day, they come in, get a 15-minute workout and get on with their lives.”

Proving that Manduu isn’t just for athletes, CW33’s Landon Wexler tried a Manduu workout for himself. It was intense!

To understand the hype, CW33’s Landon Wexler suited up and did a workout with the folks at Manduu. Watch the full story above!

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