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Assessing the effects of training with EMS

The study by E-Fit contains following key findings:
The combined use of electrical muscle stimulation and gymnastic exercise is a training method suitable to elicit adaptation stimuli with positive physiological effects. The workout method, classified as resistance training, can be used to boost metabolism and enhance fat-free body mass and muscle strength. If applied as part of an appropriate training regimen, it may also lower levels of basal insulin and increase insulin sensitivity while also lowering blood pressure.

The method’s training-induced adaptation has a beneficial effect on balancing the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic shift and the extent of its impact), as well as on various markers indicative of mechanical strain (e.g. the enzyme creatine kinase) and energy background (e.g. lactic acid in blood).

When assessed, the method, categorised based on relevant physiological variables as resistance training, was found to deliver structural and metabolic workloads.

efit ems study

You can download the study here:
E-Fit:Training with EMS-The Study