Feel manduu with all your senses – enjoy a unique experience!

Studio concept

manduu studio architecture

manduu offers personal coaching in a unique environment so that you can experience unforgettable magical moments in the manduu studio of your choice.

Feel the special atmosphere and let yourself be inspired by a mix of design and functionality – your weekly lifestyle workout will offer a unique experience for all your senses.


Our innovative studios concept features a highly appealing design that promotes open and direct communication with your coach. manduu furniture is made from premium-quality fabrics and natural materials such as wood. Open and airy rooms create a feel-well atmosphere. Our art lovers will appreciate the manduu photo artist Dietmar Tollerian, who has brought nature into manduu studios by composing a special manduu series.


Music can touch us deep within, thus motivating us to achieve our very best; it verbalizes moments through sound that cannot be expressed in words. There is only a few things like music that can create so much joy in such suimple ways. Sounds strongly influence our habits as well as our behaviorism. An especially designed manduu music program provides harmonic rhythm for all our studios, resulting in a motivational and relaxing atmosphere which will help our costumers to leave their stress behind.


Breathe in the power of pine! Our ZirbenLüfter – a pine-scented fan – provide refreshing air for all our studios. The aroma of the austrian pine provides excellent health benefits and boosts your well being Pine scent helps your body relax by combining the regenerative power of water and energy with the positive effects derived from the pine tree in a unique way.


It’s really important to drink enough water during your workout. This is why your personal coach will provide you with plenty of fresh water before, during, and after your workout. Thanks to our partner, Nespresso, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee before and after your workout. Apart from being delicious, coffee also helps to revitalize, it works as an antioxidant and stimulates the digestion while balancing out your body’s fluids.


Feel the manduu method! Within a minimal amount of time you will achieve an immediate and noticeable change in your body and the way you feel. Your 656 muscles are strengthened, toned and built from the bottom up. The small and practical smovey fitness device helps make manduu workouts more effective and fun. Training effects are considerably increased by means of the unique swing-ring system and helps you achieve your goals faster, not only during EMS workouts. TOGU Brazil workouts will help you round off all these experiences geared towards your senses. Thanks to their compact shape and knobbed surface, While TOGU feels comfortable to hold, it also positively influences your body movements and posture.