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Electric muscle stimulation (EMS)

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Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) enhances correctly performed exercises so you will achieve an immediate and noticable effect within a minimum amount. All of your 656 muscles are strengthened, toned and built up from its deepest layers. Your body will be perfectly sculpted, your back will be strengthened, and your fat metabolism will be boosted. Just 15 minutes of a manduu lifestyle workout once a week! Experience success in record time!

ems trainingNatural muscle contraction results from an electric signal transmitted from your brain and nerve fibers transport it incredibly fast right to your muscle. The innovative workout method of electric muscle stimulation imitates this exact process. Our 656 muscles don’t care if a muscle contraction is stimulated by the brain or through electric muscle stimulation. EMS reinforces body tension and is really nothing but a purposeful intensification of electrical impulses of the body’s own electrical impulses. EMS is a completely natural workout method which was developed for medical rehabilitation and has been successfully used in the medical field for many years. With manduu you will see results in record time! Correctly applied and active workouts combined with innovative technologies will help you reach your goals in record time. You will work out in a targeted and effective way.